Thames Painting by Jo Gray

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Art Description

Painting: Wax, Oil, Acid, Varnish, Marble Dust on Steel.

Part of a series of map works on steel exploring the rivers around England and Scotland experienced in the pursuit of new life. 
This piece has been worked with a special blend of acids, wax, marble dust and heat until the surface resembles that experienced by the artist, combining the physical and temporal memory of London. The city and its surroundings were navigated primarily via road at first by the artist, looking through the fogged, rain smeared car back seat window. Later the Thames became a source of grounding and direction for the artist after years of city migration and it's represented here in EL wire which can be lit to enliven the surface if you desire. 

The piece is framed in aluminium and is protected against UV light and dust by multiple layers of varnish. It comes ready to hang and you are provided with a suitable inverter and mains driver should you wish to display with the light on. Signed by the artist.
Will be shipped in a custom made crate to arrive undamaged.
One of the images shows the inverter exit from base of frame. Can be tucked under frame if not in use. Wire is transparent and is supplied as 2m long - please contact if an alternative size required. Plugs into a small mains unit and then into a standard plug socket.

British made steel is an important material to Jo after, as a child, she watched the space-suited workers and furnaces in the huge, landscape dominating rolling mills at Ravenscraig and Scunthorpe where her dad worked. The lasting impact of these visceral images of metal, fire, smog and secretive worlds were melded at some point with the monotony and sterility of motorway lights seen from the back seat window on the way to the next new life from the last redundancy. Told that the steel works would soon be empty but the next town was filled with promise was a perpetual story. 
The current collection studies this common experience of momentum from life-to-life and the pursuit of material certainty.




Jo Gray

United Kingdom


Size: 23.6 W x 16.8 H x 1.2 in

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