The Cockatrice

United States

Size: 16 H x 20 W x 0 in

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Art Description

Painting: Mixed Media

My latest artwork features a cockatrice, which is a legendary beast that has the head and claws of a rooster on the body of a two-legged (and winged) dragon.

According to myth, like Medusa, the gaze, touch or breath of the cockatrice could turn one into stone. Even after death, it still retained the ability to petrify its victims. The only animal immune to the glance of the cocatrice, according to medieval bestiaries, was the weasel. Other ways to kill it include having it listen to a cock crow or for it to look at itself in a mirror. A cockatrice is also sometimes used interchangeably with the basilisk, which is the king of serpents.

The Cockatrice
by Lynnette Shelley
16 x 20 inches
Oil Pastel, acrylic, graphite, and colored pencils on art board

Original artwork is for sale.

Keywords: bird, rooster, serpent, chimera, fantasy art, animal, dragon, medieval, cockatrice, myth, mythology

Subjects: Fantasy

Styles: Expressionism

Mediums: Mixed Media

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