The Lady with One Breast Painting by Katarzyna Hasnik

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Plaster, Clay on Canvas.

"The Lady with a Tit" is sensual awareness of my needs and fears. The objectives of the paintings are two subjects of life: personal and health. If one doesn't work, the other one follows. Either ways is truth. Painting was started and completed in 2016 in Ireland.

Inspiration is a half nude photography done in UK in 2011, at the cliffs of Dover in sunny day on the fresh, juicy grass that I could feel was merging with my hair, which became green, indeed. That time the green grass was closer to me that anything else, the companion of my resent years, the life style.
Nature gave me faith in curing my health and life.
Sensual, soft. So different. Calming and relaxing. Harmoniously we became one. Nature became home, where I could express my sexuality by creation and self-love and where I started to really take care of my health, started be mindful and aware.

The story behind the subject is a mixture of several life changes at one time.
General health checks and straight to biopsy. It was shocking although, things went every well. After that my awareness of health really shaped my mindful living.

What we like and how we express it? How is your sexuality develop and where does it link you? Is love stronger than sexual needs, excitement. After awhile what is really happening with a long term couples. Self-love in front of the lover as an act of letting go. This could be written as the totally different story. It is builded the erotic tension before the actual sexual act. Indeed.

Although Life became so good. All fine with both: health and new chapter of life. Massive move to my chosen home - Ireland, where I started ask myself what I want, with who I want to be and started to really take care first of myself. This was long term process of learning, took few years to acknowledge. Many people helped on the way to become who I am and who I always been. The process I can say now in 2016 is completed. However this learning path never ends and that is amazing about Life. I recognised first my health and after that everything else. As many years I was burning for others. Running around people. Now I choose with appreciation and acceptance with who I want to be and share my time. If there is none of that I simply don't and I love that way. You could try too if you wish.

The fear became friend and now it is just braveness in every single area of life.

"Amit K. Maitra wrote - The composition and combination with color and textured GREEN space make your art work shine brilliantly. Very nice artistic work - want to see more of your art work!!"

Social Issues objectives used in projects:

The woman on the painting looks opposite direction than others, however she stands straight, brave and full of courage. She used to be very outgoing, positive, funky girl, into shopping, fashion, going out and celebrating life, making her hair stunning every weekend. That's why the artwork is very colourful, vibrate. She never really thought about health that much. She never really did checks.
Although now instead of celebrating life as she used to, she starts to put attention into her health. Connecting with herself, nature. She is mindfully thinking about her life concerns as life totally changed for her and others around her. However she still have a long beautiful hair, dress nicely, as there is always a hope. She is strong. She believes and doesn't give up even it is hard to go through cancer. She is bravely showing one breast to others as she is now a hero, not just a girl. She is positively looking to the future, challenging but still bright as colours of the artwork.

The aim is to bring people into awareness of health, breast cancer by vibrate, colourful art based on the streets of our city. Artwork is done digitally in various colours with text or without. This is optional and could be retype.
Message is asking citizens: How much time we spend on buying new clothes to look good and how small amount of time we give to our own health. How many women buy new underwear, new bras although never really check breasts? Even if this subject is repeated over and over in magazines, social medias, etc. It just take a minute to check breasts before putting new bra on...

I wonder. How many of us in reality knows own sexuality, our needs and our fears. How many us question our health before comes to serious time. How many of us ask ourselves of our own needs, professional, sexual, personal, relationships ones. Ask Life itself. I truly believe when you question, you will eventually get answer inside yourself. Quite surrounding helps. When your mind wonders and it will. Just pay attention between. Silent comes. Answer appears that time easily.

We are bombarded by various researches, health, psychology of couples. In social media, magazines...But do we really ask ourselves? Do we really question what and how we want? With who we want to be and who we want to become? Are we checking our health even if we know how important is this.
Until we are not under pressure, do we, women really check our breasts...That time my life was Discovering that one love came to the end and that biopsy is needed asap.
All in one time. When sh.t happens, happens in various shapes and colours. I laughed. Life brings you what you most fear and while having brilliant laser vision correction, just like that I did all health check ups. When you really dig something, you will get something...I was ironically laughing to myself. As usually react like in the stressful time. This is a good tip btw.



The Lady with One Breast

Katarzyna Hasnik



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