The Queen bee Painting

Tetiana Ta Chebrova


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About The Painting

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Painting, "The Queen bee," by Tetiana Ta Chebrova, available for purchase at $1,025 USD. Original Painting: Acrylic, Woodcut, 24 carat gold foil, Found Objects, copper on Canvas.

This painting cannot be photographed reliably, because it changes every second depending on the brightness of the color, its temperature, and the angle of view. This is absolutely live work. It is very beatiful, it can be very bright or monochrome, acrylic paints with gold, copper and bronze effect look different in daylight, bright electric light or candlelight. I fixed on the canvas a fragment of my early painting on woodcut and a copper plaque with the image of the Queen. I found this sign from one of London's antique shops. I also used 24-carat gold's foil on silhouettes of 7 bees carved of cardboard. And circles of felt wich have been painting metallic acrylic. 7 is a lucky number. Bees are bringers of good luck and prosperity. Bee reminds us to take the honey of life and make our own lives meaningful and fertile. In other words, bee tells us to enjoy what we do, whatever it may be. Bees symbolize love, fidelity and represent wisdom and immortality too. The queen bee is often the sole survivor when winter arrives, and she is the one to build the new hive in the spring. Bee is also very much associated with the feminine and motherhood. This painting is not framed, but ready to hang. The wooden planks are permanently attached to the side parts of the art work and are decorated in the same style as it's painting. I completed this painting, entitled "The Queen Bee" on November 20, 2017, not knowing that Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II celebrates the 70th anniversary of her marriage on that day. But this coincidence is very pleasing to me, because I admire Her Majesty.