The bear doesn't care Painting by Adi Pineapple

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

The night before I painted this I had a vivid dream. In the dream there were hundreds of people around me attempting to climb a hill covered in various sized rocks and boulders. As we all climbed, some fell, others progressed.

When we arrived at the top of the hill there was a steep slope leading to the front yard of my family's estate. Some people ran across the yard toward the train to go straight into the city, others ran to different entrances of the various houses on the estate.

As we ran, my daughter fell behind. I turned around to see her playing with my cousin's children, a giant bear stood between us growling ferociously. The bear was staring past me, at her cubs. We were in a stand off, both desiring something located behind the other. Realizing that the mother bear had not noticed my daughter, I navigated around the cub, into the house and called for my daughter to come in through another entrance.

She walked in the door unscathed, and we walked upstairs to see everything from my vision board laid out before us. We entered into a room where I was congratulated for reaching various goals that others had told me would be impossible.

I woke up shocked and feeling free. The bear doesn't care.

The bear, the person who appears to be blocking you from reaching a specific goal, does not care about you. They care about protecting a goal or value of their own. The world is your oyster, if you can identify what the bear cares about and navigate towards your goal without disrupting the bear. You can achieve your goals exponentially faster if you make strategic moves outside of the bear’s line of sight.




The bear doesn't care

Adi Pineapple

United States


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