They're Watching Us ... Now Kiss Me Painting by MCRT Studio

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They're Watching Us ... Now Kiss Me

MCRT Studio



Size: 24 W x 31.9 H x 1.6 in

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Artist featured in a collection

Art Description

Painting: Oil, Enamel, Gold Leaf on Wood, Canvas.

THROUGH THE STARS aims to celebrate life’s authentic relationships by visually portraying the fault in our perception of digital connections with prominent figures. The artworks spotlight the developments in digital, social and reality media, which have created a direct channel for users to engage with celebrity personas. The collection aims to highlight the affinity felt towards these ‘stars’ as a skewed perception of relationships.

@MCRT.Studio reflects the distance to these human ‘stars’ in its’ work by implementing the use of texture sampling inspired by NASA satellite imagery of distant luminaries.

“Humanity has always been fascinated with looking at the beyond beauty of stars. We now possess the technology to see them closer than ever before. Seeing them through a telescope, however, does not physically bring us closer to them. The same semblance is found in regarding celebrities. Feeling proximity through seeing them does not physically bring us into their vicinity, and emotionally relating to them does not psychologically deliver us to the person portrayed.”

- @MCRT.Studio

@MCRT.Studio uses photography and videography as a basis for its’ figure reference. The figure is then physically broken down into an assemblage of geometrical shapes, transcending skin to the muscle and bone. Referencing post-war British figurativism, the Studio creates paintings through the synthesis of sculptural accumulation of richly worked layers of pigment, paired with a highly-wrought drawing technique. Implementing the faux-bois approach and working with oil and enamel paints, gold and silver leafs, as well as photography and glass sculptures, @MCRT.Studio desires to deliver the powerful beauty of the universe to the buyers’ own environment.


Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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