This story happened on New Year’s Eve. Painting by Inessa K

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Paint on Canvas, Paper, Wood.

This story happened on New Year’s Eve. There are many New Year`s Eve celebrations in Singapore and all are truly magical time. “What kind of New Year?” you ask me. And my answer to you is: “Chinese New Year's Eve”. It happened the day before or maybe on the second day, it is not that important.
The streets of Chinatown were filled with bustle, red lanterns and music. Goods of various shapes and sizes were urgently bought, people were rushing in different directions. Well, it was pretty busy time.
The day was over, but the street was still lit up.
First, three herons appeared. They flew smoothly, evenly and unusually low for non-urban birds. But not a single person noticed them. Herons behaved strangely, they were circling in one place.
Next. The cat emerged. It was a ginger cat, the most usual Singapore ginger cat. If not for the herons, no one would pay attention to the cat.
But what happened next, did attracted attention of all passers-by. Suddenly, nearby the cat, there was a tiger, or rather tigress with two cubs. And, if it was not good enough reason to grab everyone’s attention, there was a little girl of six or seven. She was holding a big book in her hands. The girl seemed completely comfortable next to the tigress and was fiddling with tigress fur.
Crowd froze observing in silence this ridiculous company.
Slowly, tigress laid down, cubs sprawled around her tail. The girl moved closer and began to read the book. She read in Chinese. Everyone on the street could understand every single words from the book.
A minute of silence has passed as people began to whisper. Sudden sounds above their head grabbed everyone’s attention. Now entire crowd was looking up as herons were circling just above their heads.
By the time they bowed their heads, neither tigress, nor two cubs, not even the girl was around. Only tip of a red tail flashed around the corner....




This story happened on New Year’s Eve.

Inessa K



Size: 32.7 W x 43.3 H x 1.6 in

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