Treasure Paintings By JR Bissell: Mexico 1715 Painting by Jr. Bissell

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Treasure Paintings By JR Bissell: Mexico 1715

Jr. Bissell

United States


Size: 24 W x 18 H x 3 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

We All know the feeling of having to put our prized Treasures back into the bank or safe, we want to enjoy them all comfortably! An Original 1 of 1 Shipwreck Treasure Painting 24" x 18" by artist JR Bissell of the a piece from the famed 1715 Plate Fleet Shipwreck! The Painting is a beautiful depiction of the beloved Mexico 1715 8 Escudos in grade NGC 58 also available in our eBay store! This is an amazing addition to complement the unique breathtaking piece itself! It can be frustrating always having to put your favorite pieces back into your safe or bank, we all want to enjoy our gorgeous treasures all day!!

(About the Coin) ONLY 14 Total Ever Certified, and we have 4 of those offered here in our store! Another 1715 sold about 6 months ago for about $30k, with ONLY a partial Date (missing the top half of ALL the digits). This piece has a far superior date, with a complete 4 digit “1715!” This is RARELY SEEN! And there are only a couple even rumored to exist! Besides the coveted “FULL 4 DIGIT DATE” this Gold Doubloon has virtually 98% of a FULL CROWN! The SHIELD is also 90%+ displayed as well as 100% BOLD ASSAYER AND MINT MARKS! Even the Denomination VIII is about 95%+. The next thing to catch your eye is the Bright Golden Luster with accents of beautiful Ocean Toning, which really contrasts the devices. The Reverse Displays a FULL CROSS & Treasure, with portions of the Legends, all Boldly Struck! Every Collector dreams of owning a Dated “1715 FLEET” Shipwreck coin; but to Own a “FULL 4 DIGIT DATED” Gold Doubloon from the 1715 FLEET shipwreck is almost to much to dream ~ yet here it is! It took me almost a year to acquire such an elusive Gold Cob, dozens of phone calls and a year of chasing down leads and dead ends, digging and digging….. At long last, she’s arrived!


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