Trees have no nationality III Painting by Julie Polidoro

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Art Description

Painting: Tempera, Acrylic on Canvas.

I imagined trees and leafs as flags
Lao-Tseu said:
“My house is neither wall, nor floor, nor roof, but rather the void between things because that is where I live”.

This issue of territory, a universal issue in the sense that it belongs to the stones as it does to the plants, the animals and the men, I examine this.
At any given time, the territory defines and shapes the elements that belong to it.
Does my membership to a territory change over time, or is it fixed?
Beyond the countries of origin, do we have a common ground? The multiplicity allows unity within it?

Art do not change social structures but can transform our way of perceive them.



Trees have no nationality III

Julie Polidoro



Size: 76.8 W x 51.2 H x 0.8 in

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