Ukraine 2014. Marionette Painting by Natalya Aleksiychuk

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Art Description

Painting: Paint, Plaster, Acrylic on Other.

This QR code contains the name of the series of artworks.
It is called "Ukraine 2014".
These series are about Ukraine.
They reveal the knowledge about the events in Ukraine,
and the feelings that many Ukrainians and other people
who care about the country have.
For Ukraine,
2014 was a turning point, and it will get into the history textbooks.
In this artwork I offer a piece of historical evidence.
The artwork is done in a mixed media, which is based on bas-relief technique
with a use of some simple contemporary materials
(fiber board, acrylic plaster, acrylic painting, and acrylic lacquer)
which makes this 3D art more unique.

Probably it needs to be explained: the old brain is lost (it fell out of the head and lies at the bottom). A country without a brain - is a country without a worthy government. The new Ukrainian people will create a new "brain" on the Maidan. While the country has no "brain" many in the world want to control Ukraine like a marionette, but it is too hard to manage such nation... Ukrainian people tear down these ties through the broken bones, through the pain, and through the fire. Ukraine better break its "bones", but it will escape from the captivity. The fractures will heal, as far as the most important will be there: the brain that works, and the heart that beats.




Ukraine 2014. Marionette

Natalya Aleksiychuk



Size: 31.9 W x 24 H x 0.8 in

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