Untitled (thyme) Painting by Olha Pryymak

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Paint, gold on Canvas.

I am a London-based diasporic Ukrainian art and herbal tea maker who uses art as a tool for remembering and applying inter-generational knowledge in impactful ways.
This work as part of the Family Album series of paintings focusing on the various coping mechanisms derived from Eastern European folk herbal medicine and magic. I am curious to explore various wellness rituals that address mental health and general well-being specifically the ones employed by the ling lineage of women herbalists on my mother’s side of the family, and how it all translates into contemporary lifestyle.

By choosing to portray only women, I am slowly unpicking the patriarchy’s opressive impact. The kind of work I want to make is to celebrate strong proactive female characters and normalise their presence. Some of their stories are so small they would be easily swept away by the history if not recorded, some are stories of personal heroes - fictional and historical female charaters that helped shape my appreciation for art. This merging of culture, nature, personal narrative and self invention form an identity process through which I gain my agency.

I am particularly fond of mineral colour and use painting as an extention of an alchemic-like process. Both alchemy and painting imply mixing together the natural materials of herbs and water, as well as pigments and oils for transformational effect. The alluring warmth and yellowness of colour gold has a particular place in these works. Here I am looking at colour gold not as a status symbol but as a symbol of sacredness. In multiple mythologies the sun goddess is represented in gold, the colour that shines for eternity, never corrodes - and shares with you a bit of its immortality. The sun is also a life-giving deity that watches over you through the cycle of life and death.

Please refer to my website for more details as well as learn more about performance and text associated with this subject.




Untitled (thyme)

Olha Pryymak


Size: 35.4 W x 25.6 H x 0.8 in

This artwork is not for sale.





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Artist Recognition

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