Untitled Painting by Juan Grifone

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Art Description

Painting: Latex, Gesso, Glass, Plastic, Woodcut on Glass, Wood.


female noun

1.At or crumbling effect;

2.Restos or more or less report part of one or more buildings collapsed or destroyed by time, explosion, fire, etc .; debris, wreckage, ruin.


female noun

1. Cleaning or exclusion activity of undesirable substances. "D. of metals ";

2. Moral purification; correction, purging, sublimation.

Through varied aesthetics, the artist Juan Grifone instigates us to think the power inherent to the inevitable decadence of the materiality that surrounds us.

To what extent can we point out what is change and what is deformation? Through his attentive gaze, the artist uses diverse materials (cardboard, earth, cement ...), normally seen only from their original functionality and then discarded, and turns them (deformed) in a special way to those who have the careful to see the beyond-thing to reach the ali-contained.

Such a process involves burning, cutting, smashing, and combining these materials into arrangements that refer us distantly to what they once were, but which now serve a new reality, the pretense of a crude and binary language.

The artist's sour view does not erode only the unorthodox materials he uses, but also the usual aesthetic social symbols. In strange reconfigurations, a classic bust merges into a chair, a luxury car leads to a door in flame and in this peculiar march we are invited to question also the decadence of these concepts.

Would not they also be manipulated / deformed through this intense and unreasonable surgery?

Felipe "Fera" Guimarães




Juan Grifone



Size: 19.7 W x 11.8 H x 0.8 in

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