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Art Description

Painting: Oil and Wood on Wood.

Oil painting is my favorite medium, Note this Painting is also presently on Exhibition & Sale at Island Art & Framing Limited, Orchid Village, 20 Barbican Rd Kingston 6, Jamaica West Indies Tel 1(876)977-0318, Fax 1(876)927-1689. Angel of Vengeance is an Oil painting on wood size 39" x 18 1/2" inches, This is a Very unique painting for me, Its about the Color's, the Brush Strokes, the Power of the Figure with the Child looking up, this painting represents the mediator which is Vengeance between man and his senseless evil emotions, The feelings and Actions of Vengeance is a very powerful thing it can change Families, Countries. carrying out a revengeful act is not always right. It's Something that will make you usually Not Think Straight, YOU WILL MAKE ALLOT OF MISTAKES WHEN YOU HAVE A REVENGEFUL FEELING/THINKING. This painting also as an Astronomical meaning i Love Astronomy Very much so, i have Earth in the Angel of Vengeance left hand and the Galaxy in his right hand Reforming & Reshaping it, Earth is remove out of the Galaxy Leaving the other planets, Mars can be seen top left, Venus upper right and the Angel of Vengeance looking out at the sun, The Child Vengeance looks up at Earth in his fathers hand, imagine Earth taken out of the Solar system and out of the Galaxy it would be as if we never existed LONG GONE IN TIME, Hard to imagine, because we call Earth our home WE CAN'T DO WITHOUT IT AND LOOK HOW WE ALL TREAT IT, I THINK WE DO NOT DESERVE IT & am been Straightforward here, we have not discover another Earth yet to call our future home Because i believe Earth will be destroyed in the future i doubt i will be around, and again Finding another Earth is one thing, Getting there is another. Angel of Vengeance

Keywords: Universe, Vengeance, Venus, Earth, Expressionist, Astronomy, Impressionist, Mankind, Mars, Vengeance Painting

Subjects: People

Styles: Expressionism, Impressionism, Realism, Modern, Conceptual

Mediums: Oil, Wood

Materials: Wood

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