Very windy summer landscape ##4578 Painting by Andrey Bogoslowsky

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Very windy summer landscape ##4578

Andrey Bogoslowsky

United States


Size: 48 W x 24 H x 1 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

This is one of my most free stylish and majestic life symphony of colors and shapes. Painted in plain air. And this is where all the vitality of this work come from. From life. From truth, from what is there. No illusion, just free voice of a creator. Pure with no restrains ./////
How to be infinite"...6-2015-"
Infinity is not a concept.
Infinity is a process by which this Universe exists. The fabric of space-time is not straight but curved. Far away galaxies are not there as you look at them now ( listen to radio weaves) but some other place to the right, left or up ward or down wards. On our human scale, from the size of our solar system we can't even begin to comprehend the vastness of space our Universe is constantly creating. This is why you can never get to the edge of the Universe. It goes too fast and no line is straight. The speed of expansion of our Universe is close to the speed of light.
If you desire to express in your art the infinite nature of our existence you need to keep in mind that your painting too is a moment in space- time continuum. Your painting is not a photograph of a very fast moving train but it's rather like a soup constantly boiling and new vegetables are added all the time. By new elements I mean new matter is being created all the time. New matter, new atoms of Hydrogen. And after they collide by forces of gravity in to the star , after a billion years, if it's a big star it explodes. And in this explosion heavier particles are being created. This is how you should treat every painting you make- add constantly, remove sometimes and keep the process going. You have to be a part of this process and infinity will be reflected well in your art.
Infinity is the most natural reflection of being. What is not infinite is not existing in our Universe.
To understand better what I am saying I recommend to read " Tao Te Ching"- it was written about 500 BCE and try to be IT. As it says in a book" -you can not follow it. But you can be it". During your painting process you need to empty your mind completely from all daily worry and first focus very much on what you are doing in this very moment. The focusing part allows you to become part of now moment. And now has magical properties. Now can bend time to your will, to your imagination. Only in this very moment you can be infinite and capture IT with colors. I sound like I am crazy or on speed, I know. But I don't have any other words to explain infinity. I will try to write about infinity some more some other time again. This is just some practice. I think about those things when I don't think about my paintings, which I think about all the time. Time is essential. Life speeds away, my days are numbered and yours too. And it's only when you realize that the end is near, only then you start enjoying this moment." Andrey Bogoslowsky.





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