Welcome to New York

United States

Size: 18 H x 24 W x 1 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

The fifth painting in my 1989 Collection is number 1 on the album: "Welcome to New York"

This painting is about more than just New York City. It’s about New York as a state of mind. The song references moving to the big city to become who you always dreamed, and being free to shine bright. I wanted this painting to have a childlike shadow-box effect that reminds you the world is a stage, and you can be the main character in your own story. New York as a metaphor means you don’t hold back, you become your best possible self and you light up the night.

Keywords: Stage, Stars, Swan, Theatre, New York, Taylor, Taylor Swift, Swift, 1989, Constellations, Moon, Night

Subjects: Animal

Styles: Fine Art, Illustration, Folk

Mediums: Acrylic

Materials: Canvas

Prints: Animal Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Illustration Art Prints, Folk Art Prints, Acrylic Art Prints, Canvas Art Prints

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