White Energy - Monochrome Painting by Heidi Thompson

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White Energy - Monochrome

Heidi Thompson



Size: 50 W x 60 H x 1.5 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

White Energy is built up with countless dots, lines and flecks of white, yellow, black and gold. The delicate patterns created weave together into a vibrating field of energy. There is a distinct dark vignette which frames the chaotic, energetic field, The work feels infinite, expanding and intriguing and while it captures the focus it has a calming affect on the viewer. It expresses the infinite movement of energy and matter. It can be displayed both vertically and horizontally.

My painting process begins by.texturing a stretched canvas with gesso and silica sand. The texture gives the painting a natural, almost sculptural tactility..Once the surface dries, I apply paint using a small fan brush and stick. For several hours, I tap the paint-loaded brush to build a field of thousands of flecks, dots and lines. From a distance the painting appears unified and monochromatic. At closer range the image is actually a vibrating field of infinite colours and lines. I avoid repetitive mechanical applications. Each fleck and line has a unique individuality.

Although the painting is predominately one colour, it is far from monochromatic. Monochromes, from my experience, cannot adequately sustain our attention or interest. To ensure that the image is compelling, I make thousands of intricate marks that peak and sustain the attention. While the viewer’s attempts to decipher these infinitely varied marks, mental energy is produced. The longer one examines the complex, enigmatic weave, the more the viewer feels energized. At least, this is what I am aiming for.





Artist Recognition

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