Wildest Dreams

United States

Size: 30 H x 40 W x 2 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

The second release in my 1989 series is number 9 on Taylor Swift's album: "Wildest Dreams". For me this piece is about how the ghosts of a past relationship can follow you around, and tempt you back with delicate strings that pull on you somewhere deep. The fires that first made the flame are the ones that will destroy you if you stay too long in the landscape of dreams. "You see me in hindsight tangled up with you all night, burn it down. Someday when you leave me, I bet these memories follow you around." It's all there in the song. It's one of my favorite songs on the record, and now, this painting has quickly become one of my favorites from this series. When I painted the final flame, I knew it captured the dichotomy of heartache and allure I was going for.

Keywords: Birds, Blue, Sunset, Taylor, Taylor Swift, White Dress, Swift, 1989, Fire, Wildest Dreams

Subjects: Landscape

Styles: Surrealism, Fine Art, Illustration

Mediums: Acrylic

Materials: Canvas

Prints: Landscape Art Prints, Surrealism Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Illustration Art Prints, Acrylic Art Prints, Canvas Art Prints

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