Winter Window, Morning Glow

United States

Size: 6 H x 12 W x 0.8 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic and Metal on Canvas and Wood.

Winter Window, Morning Glow, 7 AM is the top panel in a 3 paneled series entitled Winter Windows. It is the base panel in the Winter Window series that is available for purchase as a 3-panel set. (Please view the artwork entitled Winter Window, 5:30 AM for details of the three-paneled set.) Each panel depicts a shift in morning light through a lone window in winter.

This particular panel is the crowning glory of morning light breaking through the frost in brilliant hues before it all melts.

The inspiration for this painting series comes from watching the transition of light one morning through a wintry, frost-etched window. winter's dawn light glow emanating through an ice-frosted window and Julia's guitar track, "Ice Wing" from her Empire of Light album. The painting was made using textured brushstrokes and spatters of acrylic and silver metallic leaf on canvas stretched over a wood frame and is intended to evoke a diffuse and gentle wintry light.

This listing offers prints for this one particular panel.

Keywords: Silver, Winter, Pastel Blues, Abstract, Impressionism, Window Frost, Nature

Subjects: Seasons

Styles: Impressionism

Mediums: Acrylic, Metal

Materials: Canvas, Wood

Prints: Seasons Art Prints, Impressionism Art Prints, Acrylic Art Prints, Metal Art Prints, Canvas Art Prints, Wood Art Prints

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