" Winter landscape in Kinderdjike " Painting by Paulo Amsel

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Art Description

Painting: Marker, Ink, Pastel on Paper.

This is a series of 15 works, made in direct observation during a stay in Kinderdjike, Holland, in the middle of the winter. The immaculate whiteness of the icy fields mingled with the earthy colors of the uninhabited land not yet covered by the snow, as well as the dry canes of reeds and cereals left in the earth.
In this cold and desolate landscape, the unnatural elements were positioned at a distance, leaving nature to be the protagonist of the scene.
The light cold wind and the cold rudeness of the landscape were enough to awaken in me the desire to capture this defiant white sea, as I felt it, in order to give to the observer the same sensation of coldness, immensity, whiteness, and loneliness.
The choice of subject was not made by me, since it was the cold beauty of the landscape that chose me, as well as the medium, which I use in most of the time in various types of work that I am performing.
The option for a minimalist and expressionist style, is due to the oppressive sensation of finding myself in a immense open space but conditioned by immaterial boundaries of mist. Everything was enormous and at the very same time,very small, crating in me an ambiguous and disconcerting visual duality.
It was a series that I really enjoyed creating.



" Winter landscape in Kinderdjike "

Paulo Amsel



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