entanglement Painting by Mariam Fatima

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

This piece came to me through an episode of sleep paralysis,where I experienced leaving my physical body and watching over myself.
I spent the next morning thinking deeply about the nature of reality relative to our existence in it, what is consciousness and where in your body is the essence of 'you'? Influenced by the religious concept of a 'soul', I imagined a realm that exists within our own. Our physical body is literally and figuratively entangled with our non physical one;and hence the name 'entanglement' (which, in fact ,is an aspect of quantum physics, where two particles are interlinked much like this concept)
The unworldly coldness of the blue body reflects the kind of experience I had in the state of paralysis, however, the confusing overlap plays with the viewer's perception of dimensions, making them rethink what they thought was real.
The faces facing opposite to each other is a metaphor for yet another philosophical concept. According to a theory, one can't, by any means ,confirm the existence of something if it isn't being directly observed. That is to say that the moon's state and position is undetermined until I directly observe it. And so, the physical and non physical bodies (not directly observing each other) in the painting are uncertain of each other's state and existence. They will,however ,slowly rotate as time forces them to, and observe each other directly unifying their existence into one decided state, which is known to us physical humans as 'death'.





Mariam Fatima



Size: 16.7 W x 23 H x 0.2 in

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