untitled 08 Painting by Gary Goryany

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Pastel, Wood, Metal, Woodcut on Aluminium, Canvas, Iron, Wood, Stainless Steel.

Meditative Arche modernism.
Cycle "Worlds visible and invisible."

Since ancient times, mankind has tried to visually depict the visible, real and invisible, imaginary worlds
Abstract-realistic inscriptions in the form of spirals, crosses, squares, labyrinths of star ornaments, etc., have been presented to us in the form of symbolic signs, the meaning and purpose of which require in some cases the decoding of their primeval value. It was with the help of symbolic symbolism that our ancestors covered their concepts about the eternal categories-the Creator, the Absolute, the Time, the Elements, creating a unique world of mythology. Symbolic images deeply penetrated the most memorable monuments of written and spoken verbal creativity - the Bible, epics of Gilgamesh, Vedas, Avesta, Cabala. Symbolism has become a universal element of human culture, contributing to the development of psychologically - sensory perception of Being. It is not without reason that Confucius noted that "SIGNS AND SYMBOLS MANAGE THE WORLD, NOT THE LAWS AND PEOPLE".
It is the infinity of manifestations, the complex structure of the universe, the individual searches of the Creator, coupled with personal experience of cognition, that attracted the artist of the burning hot to deep research in this area, in particular, to the creation of a series of works on the meditative Kabbalah. Traveling with exhibitions in different countries, communicating with outstanding creative personalities, participating in esoteric co-possessions, ethno-psychological groups, practicing various religious and philosophical teachings and meditative practices, was a sort of intellectual-cognitive pilgrimage that led to the construction and discovery of one's own artistic style. Paradise for sensual - intellectual enjoyment - than how we can characterize the installation -figurative works of Gary Goryany. In many of his works the author uses unusual technique of assemblage. This method can be called sculpture, creativity at the junction of sculpture and painting. As an important element, the artist uses wood to implant metal elements, massive reliefs. In the space of paintings and literally weave human bodies, animals, insects, plants, letter and geo-geometric elements, labyrinths and spirals


untitled 08

Gary Goryany



Size: 50 W x 30 H x 1 in

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