AVIATION-27 - Limited Edition of 15 Photograph by Oleg Karataev

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Art Description

Photography: Color, C-type on Paper.

Airplanes ... Who in childhood did not dream of being a pilot.
And at the sight of the plane, the heart always stopped, opening its mouth in surprise, watching as these silvery handsome men roar soaring into the sky.
You could not touch them, but only pass by going to the landing ....
But as time passed, and once in the museum, you could now quietly touch and climb into the cockpit, sit in the pilot's seat and imagine how it was in the sky that you could manage it above all ..
And two feelings settle in the soul: Surprise and regret at the same time.
Surprise from the fact that it created and invented a man quenching his insatiable thirst for the sky. Embodying in each machine the work and the desire of hundreds of people to fly like birds.

Regret that these beauties will never again soar into the sky, but will stand forever on earth delighting the little visitors with the dream of the sky.
For this purpose, museums are being created, so that people could remind themselves of past greatness and realized ambitions to fly like birds ... ...




AVIATION-27 - Limited Edition of 15

Oleg Karataev



Size: 23.6 W x 15.7 H x 0 in

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