Abandoned fountain n7 - Limited Edition 1 of 10 Photograph by Valeriya Tarasenko

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Art Description

Photography: Oil, Color, Metal on Aluminium.

The project is aimed at creative research of the phenomenon of abandoned fountains.
Since ancient times, many nations have different cults related to water. Water was accompanied by numerous ceremonies and religious rituals. And it was not just that. The human body is 3/4 composed of water, which is why the water is so influential on us. Water attracts to itself, enchants, leads to balance all the systems of our body, calms and at the same time invigorates - depending on what anyone needs.
In people with a breathtaking endless expanses of seas and oceans, we like to feel on your face raindrops, walk along rivers and lakes, plunging down into the water, listen to the babbling brook and the sound of the waterfall. Probably precisely this is the reason that we always strive to get to where there is a healing moisture that is part of ourselves.
There are three things that you can watch endlessly: fire, water, and stars. Contemplation of water, whether it is a mysterious depth of even smooth or transparent jets, playing in the sunlight, all these processes are pleasant to contemplation. There is in these feelings something genuine, natural for all of us.
But staying near the natural water area was not always possible for objective reasons, and therefore, in ancient times, people began to think about how to create artificial reservoirs near their homes. With the development of cities there was a logical issue associated with their water supply, in the process of development of which there were fountains. Their images were peered by a man in the maternal nature. So fountains, thanks to their centuries-old existence, have become an integral part and decoration of our lives. The fountain is a wonderful cure for stress, from the fuss of everyday life of the citizens, an oasis of peace and joy, a place for rest and self-observation. The fountain is a wonderful symbol of success and prosperity, it is the mother's source, living water, the eternal source of immortality.
The image of the fountain in this art project is represented by the Space Center, a source of living water. The project combines the symbols of light and water emanating from a single source. The sky sends the water of reality, to drink it means to get higher knowledge, to reach the source of grace. So abandoned fountains symbolize the refusal of mankind from the higher knowledge, the oblivion of its nature and the true source of life-giving energy.
This project is intended to preserve the memory of the place through artistic interpretation and to record the existing data on the intangible heritage of the fountains. Within the framework of the art project Valery Tarasenko conducted an art study of places with fountains, photographed the existing state of objects and arranged the results of the study in the composition entitled "From the fountain to abandonment". Despite the destruction, fountains keep their spirits, along with them cozy and enjoyable time. In this way, the artist focuses the viewer's attention on this phenomenon, and his project seeks to inspire people to restore their authenticity and nature.

CTP oil - based on the already existing process of offset printing, with its hydrophilic-hydrophobic aluminum CTP plates. It resembles existing processes such as Bromoil early 20th century, and Koenig's 90th-grade gumoil printing, with the difference that modern aluminum offset photomatrixes are used as the final carrier. The matrix itself is derived from a digital monochrome positive, on professional pre-press offset machines, with a high lineature and a hybrid raster (stochastic). The application of artistically oil paint is done manually, with a brush or roller.



Abandoned fountain n7 - Limited Edition 1 of 10

Valeriya Tarasenko



Size: 22.8 W x 22.8 H x 0.1 in

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