Archevolution - Limited Edition 1 of 12 Photograph by Asya Dobrovolskaya

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Archevolution - Limited Edition 1 of 12

Asya Dobrovolskaya



Size: 35.4 W x 35.4 H x 0 in

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Art Description

Photography: Color, Digital, Paper, Photo on Paper.

Space speed of technology development, rapidly mutating media field. We do not have time to realize our involvement in the metamorphosis of the metropolis. A kaleidoscope turns unnoticed, each time placing us into a new visual and semantic game: time, architecture, environment.
A constantly rising emotional threshold for consumer involvement requires new, increasingly bright and flashy images. The old houses of Soviet and post-Soviet times, are dressed in a new, colorful wrapper, without changing their content at all.
Our attention is crushed, crumbling, and will not reunite. In my opinion, this is because the old time never goes to the end, and a new time never comes at once everywhere. Uneven development can no longer be divided into specific areas, geographical or social. With the inevitability of gravity, everything mixed up into one heterogeneous porridge.
Humanism in urbanism has dissolved into a kitsch mix of architectural styles, theatrical renovation of buildings, despite age, and programs that ignore the person, but focus on square and linear meters. Glass parallelepipeds of shopping centers across the street from the thermal power station, enclosed by living classics: PO-2. Cobbles of the 18th century under asphalt half a year ago. Being like neighbors on the site, the cities became strangers for us.
The author's mirror helps to see the process through the photo and video. Thanks to him we see more. Mirror - is a crutch for the awakening of empathy. With him the photo - it scraped the dead space in which to consider the details of the architecture, interaction with the environment and merge into a single plane. The video shows the dynamics of interpenetration of these planes. A very noticeable movement is mesmerizing, tearing, and exposing the processes taking place in the same environment in which we live.
This project is my study of one of the most important components of the development environment of modern man. Architecture, as a symbol of time, talks about us more than we would like. A mirror will make it possible to break the fabric of these delusions.




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