Blue Men of Broadway

United States

Size: 30 H x 24 W x 1.5 in

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Art Description

Photography: Digital, Color and Photogram on Aluminium.

Mannequins of Metropolis, is a series reflecting mannequins from a perspective, possibly of their own. I began this series with the objective of showing the wide variety of mannequins one can encounter within the City of New York. I soon discovered that they, (mannequins) in a sense had a reality of their own. Their constructed personalities, perfect physics and stylish clothes all appearing to be imitations of us were actually emulations we were adhering too. At some point for me, they took on a life of their own, becoming individuals with personalities, worries, insecurities, and egos similar to our own. I wondered where they would go at night. What would they dream? It was like a new reality emerging.

Structurally this work represents a combining of my photography and computer evolved art. Digital manipulations and drawing are both intricate parts of this process. To an extent applying, the word collage to this work does have some relevancy. Where the work varies from collage lays in my merging the initial over lapping images or layers into the resulting seamless single layers.

The “original” featured versions of this series represents a numbered series consisting of three (3) aluminum prints. A process in which the digital image is heat fused into the aluminum and then coated with a mid-gloss finish produces them. Although weatherproof and moisture proof avoid hanging in direct sunlight, as with any artwork. The back of each piece consist of a 3-quarter inch black insert frame with exhibition mount and includes an optional security screw. Each of the aluminum pieces are dated, numbered and hand signed with silver opaque ink..

Keywords: Reflections, Mannequin Art, Broadway, New York Street, Photgraph, Mannequin Artwork, Mannequin

Subjects: People

Styles: Figurative, Modern, Street Art, Portraiture

Mediums: Digital, Color, Photogram

Materials: Aluminium

Prints: People Art Prints, Figurative Art Prints, Modern Art Prints, Street Art Art Prints, Portraiture Art Prints, Digital Art Prints, Color Art Prints, Photogram Art Prints, Aluminium Art Prints

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