Cape Monze, Gadani - Limited Edition 2 of 4 Photograph by Faizan Naveed

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Art Description

Photography: Photogram on Aluminium.

This work is from 'Pacific Ocean To Persian Gulf' series in which I am investigating how technology shapes our vision; exploring how vision has continued to evolve through time.
The tools for this investigation are the camera and the lens. The camera has a mind of its own, which I govern to capture my perception. The work in itself is an amalgamation of digital and manual processes. While these panoramas are basically photographs they also operate as moving images.
The subject being the fossilization of time while enjoying the accidents and aesthetics of this technology. Together, the camera and I, as a team are able to present, simultaneously, the two extremes of time.
I hope my work offers some intimacy with reality.




Cape Monze, Gadani - Limited Edition 2 of 4

Faizan Naveed



Size: 16 W x 4.5 H x 0.2 in

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