Carillon music, or church carillon Contemporary - Original! Photograph by Igor Bajenov

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Art Description

Photography: C-type, Color, Digital, Paint on Aluminium.

... Exclusive Photo Painting Collection in Contemporary Art - Figurative Photo Mix/Paint/Drawing/Vector-Abstract/Expressionism-Special Technic....Alu-DiBond (Signed on the back with Certificate ....) - Of course, this work is an original! ....
The digital art is a very new and modern art form .....: Glossy-look Giclee Print on aluminum Dibond under special resin. Crystal clear, glossy look with rounded edges. The extremely glossy resin gives the image profound depth, bringing out the finest details, and maximum luminosity. The finish also serves as a sealer, which is moisture resistant, protects against warping or sagging, and ensures the lasting original beauty of the artwork.

Practical hanging system - metal rails.
Ready to hang.

Please note that the delivery time for this artwork is about 15 to 28 working days.

The frameless crystal clear acrylic glass and aluminum design offers a very modern presentation with particularly lively colors. Impressive depth effect at the edges. Concealed suspension. Very stable.
The photo is printed directly on the Alu-Dibond plate. This makes the panels suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The plates are waterproof and UV stable. The carrier material is a composite material, 3mm thick and very stable./......Carillon music, or church carillon Contemporary - Original!
Musically the Carillon is extremely versatile. On this instrument is any music from baroque to rock to hear from Bach to the Beatles. Whether a piece of Carillon is, is not so much a question of the style of music, but a question of arrangements. In any case, is the transcription before the concert performance of a piece at the Carillon. The original sentence of a piece is practically never to be played unchanged at Carillon. The main problem is that pieces that were originally composed for another instrument or an ensemble, having too many notes. 1: 1 transferred to the Carillon, this would mean a "tough sonic mush" result.
The second problem is that bells have a very special sound spectrum. The sound spectrum of a musical instrument is always determined by its overtone. The overtone of a bell is dominated by the minor third, ie, one suggests, for example. A C-bell is the overlying It particularly evident in the sound of this bell to hear. This effect means that pieces that are composed in a major key, particularly difficult to Carillon are transferable.
Given these difficulties, it was only natural that some composers already started early to compose directly for Carillon. This eliminates the tedious transcription of a process, on the other hand, the special sound characteristics of the carillon can thus self be utilized particularly well. Although left by the renowned composer George Frideric Handel only a noteworthy work for carillon. But there were others outside the Carillon World lesser-known composers who created trendsetting and timeless music early. First and foremost is the Belgian Matthias van to call the Gheyn (1721-1785), which is now often referred to as "the Bach Carillons" and his work is still the most-played probably Carillon literature. Until the mid-20th century, the tradition of composition for Carillon led still a stepchild-existence, not least was due to compared to today small number of instruments and the lack of interest of the academic music business at Carillon.
But this changed dramatically after the 2nd World War. In parallel with the rapid spread of the instrument experienced the culture composition for Carillon its biggest bloom. The works of contemporary composers such as. Staf Nees and Flor Peeters (Belgium), Leen t'Hart and Henk Badings (Netherlands) or Gary White (USA) are now among the most popular pieces that are played on the Carillon .... .Exclusive Photo Collection in Contemporary Art - Digital Photo Mix in Fine Art - Abstract / Expressionism-Cubism / Figurative Paint / Drawing / Vector / Graphic in 3D Original.



Carillon music, or church carillon Contemporary - Original!

Igor Bajenov



Size: 59.1 W x 39.4 H x 1 in

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