Cassette 3


Size: 9.8 H x 15.7 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Photography: Color and Digital on Paper.

Work was inspired by Cassette tape. Tape in a culturological sense - as well as in the realm of painting - symbolizes the middle, the goal and the self, that is, the archetype of the whole, present in human collective unconscious. Tapes, as well as mandalas, contain a rectangular base and circles joined by tape which brings together the inner and outer in the reality of time. Rectangular base, circles and tape are a conjunction of opposites, that is "coniuctio opposition" expressed by an image in which luna and sol are joined together. The tapes are diverse and distinguished by their individuality in shaping the motives, without differing in content. The author presents the basic foundation of the process of individualization of an individual and reaching self-realization, transcending the tapes until the point of liberation - realization. The human being is merely something unfinished, something which is yet to be; the process of becoming, not a being in and of itself. The rectangular, mandala and the circles are complete and an actual being, for us. Luna and sol joined together are imaginative and sensual to the observer.

Keywords: Pink, Retro, Blue, Tape, Urban, Wall, Streetart, Cassette, Arhitecture, Geometry, Minimal, Music

Subjects: Popular culture

Styles: Pop Art, Conceptual, Fine Art, Street Art, Modern

Mediums: Color, Digital

Materials: Paper

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