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Collection of Little Beings #3 - Limited Edition 1 of 1


Size: 9.8 H x 9.8 W x 1.8 in

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Art Description

Photography: Polaroid, Photo, Paper, Black & White and Manipulated on Paper.

Polaroid emulsion transfer on paper - unique original artwork (limited edition 1/1).

The artwork is signed on the back:
Name of artist: Aleksandra Wolter
Title of artwork: Collection of Little Beings #3
Medium & materials: Photography: Polaroid Transfer on Canson Montval Torchon Paper
Dimensions: 13,5x13,5cm
Edition: Unique artwork (1/1)
Year created: 2017

The artwork comes with Certificate of Authenticity.
The artwork comes framed in a 25x25/4,5cm (~10x10/1,8in) shadow box (MDF+plexi) with museum acid free passe partout (matting).

About the project:

I live in a small city in Poland that is situated in a valley, surrounded by woods, but in cause of my work and lack of inner motivation I didn't benefited from this qualities. Since some time I began to have health problems caused by my static lifestyle during past 20 years. To motivate myself for more phisical activity I bought myself a dog choosing a large breed that needs lot of activity. Since then I spent a lot of time on exploring the region - woods and beaches of the Baltic Sea. The area is beautiful, but also full of dead animals, especially little species like birds, rodents, amphibians but sometimes deers too. When you have walks occasionally you can't notice this, but if you are every day in the woods, the hugeness is striking. Most of them is caused by human impact on the environment, pollution, global warming and even poaching. They're reminding me of the poor innocent creatures from Hans Christian Andersen's "Fairy Tales and Stories" but placed in another strange reality, where is no mercy for those who are weak - the world of human.

I started collecting them, assigning the characters of Andersen's Stories to them and inspired by Weegee to photograph them as it were a crime scene. After that I used a protography technique that I find similar to taxidermy - a polaroid lift, which is a photographic image-transfer process. I transferred the emulsion (the skin) to another substratum adding wrinkles and folds to become an impression of moving animals on the photograph, giving them a new life in another dimension. Just like the taxidermists do, but I did it using a photograph of a dead animal.

I've called the series "Collection of Little Beings".

This is the main character from a Fairy Tale titled "The Toad" (1866).

Keywords: Photo, Photography, Dead Animal, Taxidermy, Corpse, Death, Analog, Animal, Polaroid Transfer, Frog, SX-70

Subjects: Animal

Styles: Expressionism, Surrealism, Fine Art, Illustration

Mediums: Polaroid, Photo, Paper, Black & White, Manipulated

Materials: Paper

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