Containers - Limited Edition 1 of 5


Size: 48 H x 72 W x 1 in

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Art Description

Photography: Polaroid on Canvas.

The container is a highly universal object. Everything that surrounds us on the planet was transported in a container, and I like to use it as a metaphor for confinement and unexpected travel in the middle of an unknown ocean.

Photo by: Héctor Joseph Dager Gaspard

Keywords: Hector Dager, Hector Joseph Dager Gaspard, Hector Dager Gaspard, Ship, Boat, Navio, Shipment, Containers, Barco

Subjects: Boat

Styles: Photorealism, Art Deco

Mediums: Polaroid

Materials: Canvas

Prints: Boat Art Prints, Photorealism Art Prints, Art Deco Art Prints, Polaroid Art Prints, Canvas Art Prints

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