Contemporary elegance - Portrait Original ! Photograph by Igor Bajenov

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Art Description

Photography: Black & White, C-type, Digital, Paint on Paper.

What is art? .... "I am art."

Definition of art:
Art takes on complex relationships in all areas of life, and more creative perspective answers the spirit of Indiviudalität match in itself and draws from the collective Gedächntis and understanding of the world. Art is thus the only acceptable form of conflict develop culture and politics real and visionary.

Art is communication


Mind and me ...

me and my work ...

my work and the next reason ...

Art is thus an entertaining evolierende chain reaction. Perhaps Art Evolution?

Art = The past, present and (or) future in their wide range of colors, shapes and sounds to show.

For me, art is a form of expression of thoughts, feelings, emotions, but, unfortunately, often by commercial interests. You may be wondering now, what I mean. So I explain it to you.

An artist per se, every human being is of creating something that he thinks is art. Whether it was written, painted, sculpted, forged, declaimed or otherwise prepared.

The important thing is that there is, therefore, the work that needs to come out from the inside of the creator and that it precisely the man who created it, considers art.

Because True art can not be obtained on head pressure or with an order one. Art is about the Muse. Yes I know that word is prejudiced, one connects it with ancient myths or just one or a lover, or the places the artist in a state feely.

But, just that it is not, is not it. The Muse is a kind of phenomenon, rather a feeling that you wanted to give a figure in ancient times. A muse is a burgeoning idea, an association or even a clue to something that you will create.

In any case, the true artist, and thus the true art has this to do something as the origin, which inspires from within something.

But now the company set up an ad hoc basis have created something comes
want. Of course, it must be great, stunning, new and convincing. Simply put, something gigantic that all ideas met, if not exceeds.

And here starts the second part of my statement. For now I ask you, if as I just said, art comes with a Muse. How can they then with a contract, no matter by whom issued, be created?

The artist who is perhaps known for his works from his musical creative phases, is now to create something on command and although it is possible and often even artistic nature.

But it is a work to order.

If you ask me, write me a poem or write me a story, because you had the pleasure to read one of my works and I liked you. So I tell you simply "NO" because I do not live it. But the one who has chosen the art as bread and life merit. Must say "YES" and it is also.

See also commercialism "creates" art, but whether this works really should bear the title of art or rather commissioned art or just work? In my opinion, they should be demoted because they reduce the art in its value.

I'm not talking about artistic taste, because even though I like better than a Monet a Beuys, so I have to both recognize as art, as they both emerged from such an idea.
Art is self-realization, art has only the feelings of the artist is no longer expressed, and no less, is not about beauty !!

For me, art is a form of communication. That is, the artist expresses not only his feelings, but wants the people with his work say something. He / she does not spontaneously and unwrought but processed so that it is understandable and enjoyable for the reader / viewer / listener. But sometimes even the incomprehensible pleasant or the unpleasant is meaningful. This art is a dialogue and not a monologue, I think it's also important that the artist has contact with his audience and the feedback takes care about what is normal for live performances, for writers or visual artists but should be.

"Art is an expression of their own culture"

Art for me is a kind of self-realization and liberation.
Maybe even a little criticism.

If you can do something that few can.

- Everything is art
- Survival is -life Art is art - Art is dying
- Laughter is art - is not to laugh Art
- Whining at a high level is Art .- Not whining is Art
- Doing nothing is art - Art is thinking - Non-think is art
- Everything is art so art is nothing other than art.

Art is free figures from free spirit

Art is a zweckfüßiger Sunrise in sausage glow of its own frequent lightness. Waiting a herausgepurzelten cheese princess on the verge of a frog loose Vaginalbrunnens.

As the name of the site says it all: "Everything is art"
The way of individual lives, loves, suffers and works.
Then, when someone else may well something special, can
he used his art to others to enjoy it.

Art transforms people through images, archetypes and Symole.
Art touches feelings and emotions.
Art awakens to new life.

Love Art curious joy,
here is my proposal for the characterization of the concept of art.
Art is the art with the help of a medium, for example, (music, painting or even mathematics) to develop a language all its own. The use of these media is only once "only" a craft. In conjunction with an idea and creativity arises from art, but can not be shared must be shared.

"What is art"

This briefly worded question is deceptively simple.

Anyone who jumps up in his mind to do here made known, should know that it enters one of the oldest areas of employment of mankind. And seen do this from the perspective of those who art or take claim for themselves than buy from the perspective of whose who like art to be such, and some of their "understanding" and last but from the perspective of those who , judge the art or rather the art critics.
The description of what is art, therefore highly dependent on the angle of view of the art actors.

So art is for the artist or the artist certainly a form of expression for feelings, observations and findings. To convey a message where / her importance to him. How high is the acceptance of his / her work of art, is probably secondary.

Here the enthusiasts want the discussion to the "true", respectively the "not-true" artist probably connect, this is here, however, inevitable.

For the art viewer contrast, our own perception is crucial. The must not be congruent with the embassies of the artist / the artist. Well made possible by the artist intended message is hidden and yet he feels / she addressed herself.
He / she buys a piece of art and presents / suspended / installed it in the habitat or visited an idea and takes the seen and heard with. Here interested feelings, observations and findings of the receiver.

Seen one can understand art as a form of communication that makes visible Contemporary and contemporaries in a special way and consolidated.

Whether see future generations yet to be connected to these messages, is debatable.

Modern productions of Shakespeare, Schiller and many other throw such discussions again and again. Interpretations of paintings or sculptures can vary widely.

And yet the art manages the employment of people with himself and his environment

Oscar Wilde is certainly correct when he says:

"Art is the strongest form of individualism, which knows the world".

But it is without doubt the individualism with the largest collective benefit, I mean.

Art does not rely on evidence and free.
Your freedom is the perfect fulfillment of the self-determined shape.
Their quality is determined only by itself.
The created is absolutely and belongs to humanity.

Art is a way to escape from reality for me.

"Art, I am.".....Exclusive Photo Collection in Contemporary Art - Digital Photo Mix - Abstract /Expressionism - Figurative/Cubism - Portrait Fantasy in Fine Art- Paint/Drawing-Vector/Graphic.



Contemporary elegance - Portrait Original !

Igor Bajenov



Size: 39.4 W x 39.4 H x 0.4 in

Ships in a Tube

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