Footprint 2 Limited Edition 1/25 Photograph by Corine Hörmann

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Art Description

Photography: C-type, Pinhole, Black & White on Other.


Years ago I lived near the sea for quite a period of time. And even though it's been a while, I get this intense longing for the sea every now and then. If you ever lived close to the sea you might recognize this feeling.
In such cases I hit the road and I go to photograph the sea and in this case a deserted beach.
It's empty but there is still so much to experience because this landscape is constantly changing. Maybe by a certain incidence of light or the blowing of the wind.
All factors which will definitely clear the mind.
I choose exactly this place because of the bird's feet.
For the image is part of the series "Which Bird Are You". The series has first of all developed because of a fascination for the world of birds.
Their visibility is always hasty and people are often unaware of their presence.
All what is left are their deserted traces.
Silent witnesses of a passed time. Like a memory of small events and living creatures.
Recorded just to give them a special meaning.

This print is a digital c-print which is a print that has been exposed using lasers or LED lights. After the exposure the paper is processed in photographic chemicals, pretty much like the old way.
The prints are produced with a Lambda Printer.
C-prints or lambda prints are known for their realistic appearance and their long-lasting colorfast.
The print is numbered, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
I personally check the print for color, contrast and irregularities before shipping.

Using the pinhole technique is one of the most authentic ways to record photographic images.
The technique is based on the principle of the camera obscura which is centuries old. Basically it? nothing more then a lightproof box with, in the middle of one side, a tiny little hole instead of a lens.
The light works its way through the pinhole right into the enclosed room and that is how at the opposite side of the pinhole an image appears which is upside down.
We can preserve the image by putting material which is sensitive to light at the side where the image shows up and develop it after exposure.




Footprint 2 Limited Edition 1/25

Corine Hörmann



Size: 15.1 W x 11.8 H x 0 in

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