From last exhibition entitled: ... through thick and thin - (Woman Portraits / Nude Collection Original). Photograph by Igor Bajenov

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Photography: Black & White, C-type, Color, Digital, Manipulated on Paper.

Content:From last exhibition entitled: ... through thick and thin - (Woman Portraits / Nude Collection Original).
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DIE ZEIT: Woman Wittler, in your book Who wants to be beautiful must travel, enter yes basically a classic grand tour. They fly to Mauritania, in a country that was completely unknown to you before. And you want to find out why there fat women are considered particularly beautiful. If you changed the trip? Do you see yourself in a different light?
Tine Wittler: On a personal level has given me this experience a new self-image as a woman. In Mauritania, the following applies: You're a woman, so you're beautiful. That is irrefutable. If you have an alleged flaw, not pflegst you or a torn garment to have, it does not mean that you're not beautiful. The Mauritanians say then: You can not see so well thy beauty.

TIME: The view is more generous?
Wittler: The entire perception is different than ours, where only the perfect is considered beautiful. I went with my trip to the question of whether it is to the way we deal here with the theme Beauty alternatives. That's why I went for five weeks in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott and have spoken to many people. And I came across this different perspective.

Tine Wittler

born in 1973, was known by the RTL facility Show Einsatz in 4 walls. For her book Who wants to be beautiful, must travel they put on the Malhafa, Mauritania traditional cloth robe

TIME: You also pleased that in Mauritania many girls and women are fattened downright with camel milk or medicines to make them as quickly as possible to gain weight and have more chances on the marriage market write. For research purposes They even even visited one of these traditional Mäster interior and can infuse the gaveuse three liters of high-calorie within four hours camel milk ...
Wittler: However - and I am sick. Camel milk has a different protein structure than cow's milk. My immune system overreacted and started on my return, to attack my vessels. No beautiful story. In Mauritania, women are sick of this practice, and luckily this tradition is on the decline. However, it is unfortunately increasingly replaced by a variant: Some women are now taking a medication, which are actually intended for cattle fattening, to be increasing. For people that is very dangerous.
TIME: Sounds no longer as generous.
Wittler: What women - even under the pressure of other women - to do to comply with an ideal of beauty, here is how there are often self-destructive madness.
TIME: How did the Mauritanians react to the curious German?
Wittler: You were happy about the interest. I was almost everywhere looked with curiosity and openness and with the hint of a smile. And not because I'm around! But because I was wearing the Malhafa as blond European woman, the traditional cloth robe.

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Page 1 - Dick's beautiful!
Page 2 - Search with Malhafa
TIME: Did you want to attract attention by using your body less? The looks on the other can make a pretty hard traveling Sometimes.
Wittler: staring I will anyway. That is the normal case for me. Learning to bear the Malhafa, was an important part of the research for me. The fact that a European woman to Mauritania comes and does this trouble, was new for the locals. Because that's not so easy. You have to move quite differently, so that up to five meters long panel will not slip. In Mauritania, it says: If a very slender woman attracts, it looks as if you had a piece of cloth wrapped around a toothpick. Only exuberant shapes bring this garment to vibrate. That is the secret of the matter. The women have in a certain way to go. And this type also has something erotic. At the same time, however, is hidden from view and does not show any skin.

TIME: What else have you experienced in this world turned upside down?

Tine Wittler
Wittler: After I started wearing the Malhafa, I got churning marriage proposals. Thus, the Mauritanian men signaled their interest in a woman. Moreover, many doors have opened to me. And I was able to perform with different people talking about why they find fat women beautiful.

Time and? What is the reason?
Wittler: It is all about that round shapes are a sign of prosperity, of good family and generosity. And also that he ought to know a woman immediately as such. This is done precisely, among other things through the corners.
TIME: One important aspect of both of the large one as well as the travel is completely missing in your book: you tell little of what you have eaten in Mauritania and how you find it tasty. Does this have anything to do with it, that we want to be marketed as fat women in no case with food in conjunction?
Wittler: Interesting point. This is me not even noticed. I have just experienced on this trip so much that the food has not played a major role. Lunch we mostly brought us a couscous, and that was it. Plenty of choice of food, there was not anyway.
TIME: You write that they had never before traveled a lot. These modified experimental arrangement in Mauritania ...
Wittler: modified experimental arrangement! I like that. That hits the nail on the head! If you can look at life so, then everything is good. Then perhaps no longer rubs you on so much under the pressure of ideals. It's all a big experiment. And the leaves are changing.
TIME: So has under the impact of travel also changes your view on our slimming dictation?
Wittler: Yes. I was once again clearly stuck which capitalist interests behind our Western ideal of beauty. You can only make coal with people who are unhappy and who think that there is something to buy, what helps it. When it came to the usual in our devaluation of other people because of their appearance, my girlfriend Mauritanian Wafa said something very clever. She said Tine, criticism you should only take from people who of their own lives well. They are not many. And interestingly enough, very few of them will criticize you because of your externals.
TIME: Can we say that you are with the subject being fat after this trip through?
Wittler: Yes, I can say clearly.



From last exhibition entitled: ... through thick and thin - (Woman Portraits / Nude Collection Original).

Igor Bajenov



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