Ganga Sagar / Sunderbands / West Bengal / India


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Art Description

Photography: Digital

Gangasagar, the point where the holy river Ganges confluence with the ocean ( in Bengal sagar) to wash away all the earthly sins.

Pilgrims come on these peaceful seashores for a holy dip and offer water to the Sun God. The dip is suppose to purify your “self” but just watching the landscape purifies your senses.

Life on this island is like a world aside, with no comforts but everything you need. Houses are well structured in a self-sustainable approach.
Almost every family built 2 ponds on the back of the house, one with some fishery, the other for having a bath and clothes laundering.
A field to grow, some cows for milk and compost, chicken for meat and eggs. Most of the farmer are growing betel leaves,
as they are well paid in the market.
Very few families bought solar panel and even satellite television.

In Ganga Sagar time is beaten by the tradition and binding social expectation. Life is slow and young people dream of opportunities and the western style of life.
Nevertheless, they are proud of their culture, devote to their families and respectful of their duties.

Subjects: World Culture

Styles: Documentary

Mediums: Digital

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