HILEMORPHO E8 002 - Limited Edition of 10 Photograph by Gabriel Caneda

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Art Description

Photography: Black & White, Digital, Photo on Aluminium.

The resulting picture is a reflection on a masterpiece of an architect, here is Ingetem Building, in Tecnologic Park - Vitoria ( Spain ), created by Coll Barreu architect.

The main idea of this photographic project is to explore the dichotomy between natural light and my own representation and interpretation of architecture influenced by Aristotle’s philosophical current called HYLOMORPHISM.

Through these pieces, I try to reflect the spatial composition that takes place in my mind when I photograph architecture. Sometimes unreal spaces arise, which seem real with the use of computer programs. Other times, a descriptive spatial composition emerges, on which the influence of natural light creates the geometry of the work of architecture.

The works consist of two photographic pieces linked to the physical-Aristotelian-Scholastic theory, according to which material beings are composed of two principles: the raw material, “ULE” (I take this concept to create the first photograph, in which I shoot the subject, the constructive element that is repeated the most in the architectural work); and the substantive form, “MORPHE”, which explains its concreteness and individuality as well as its universality and general or common features, (I take this concept to create the second piece, in which I interpret my own perception of the architectural work based on my personal artistic creative perspective). Both photographic images emerge in a perfect symbiosis reflecting the conceptual synthesis of the architectural work.



HILEMORPHO E8 002 - Limited Edition of 10

Gabriel Caneda



Size: 29.5 W x 19.7 H x 1.2 in

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