Hawaiian Turtle Dreaming - Limited Edition 1 of 7 Photograph by Kaye Forster

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Art Description

Photography: C-type, Glass, Plastic, Found Objects, Environmental on Plastic, Other.

Our environmental crisis is global.

We all love the turtles in beautiful Hawaii, unfortunately, they suffered appallingly in the recent Kilauea volcanic eruption and lava flow. So, our hearts went out to these amazing little creatures, that – along with so many other creatures in our oceans – are also battling with plastics and nanoparticles in their environment.
However, this artwork evokes a moment of joy in the turtle's life and is our wish for their future.

The poem inspired by the artwork is by Pearl Forster

Hawaiian Turtle Dreaming

Into the trance of the golden realm
drift the gentle dreamers.
One by one their beings resonate
in the fields of a sonorous creation.
To the other transceivers in all the world’s oceans
they’re singing their newest psalm;
it’s a narrative celebration
for their hatchlings coming home.

The sun’s yellow beams filter down to the deep
conjoining the song’s vibrations.
The crystalline colors in all Neptune’s Kingdom
lend their hues and their harmonies
to the madrigal’s procession of life.

Embedded in the beauty of their story
are memories of events recent and past,
when tremors brought terrors and tragedies;
when the seabed heaved and was ripped apart
by incinerating lava explosions.

Extrasensory perception
was the saving grace for so many.
Its prescience gave precious seconds.
In an instant the elders
were around the young.
Pushing, propelling with urgent cries
they swam for their lives to the surface.

They remember through tearful, smiling hearts
how the great tide of human compassion
crashed all around them in a roaring rush;
people risking their limbs and their lives
to pull them, exhausted, clear of the boiling sea.

The mourning calls of the rescued
for the buried ones left behind
soon turned to joyful surprise.
They saw a glow on the distant horizon
as the departing spirits rose.

Then came strengthening strains of celestial singing.
The earth and the air
were radiating the chorus
to the turtles dreaming song.
And all around the planet each lifeform
had paused and was listening intently.
One by one they took up the story;
one by one they transmitted the sounds.
Soon the whole world was a conduit
for the turtles dreaming song.

Pearl Forster, Copyright, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: With each edition sold, a donation of $200 will go to help support the Hawaii Wildlife Fund.

Kaye Forster

Each edition is a giclee print on archival quality, fine art paper and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and an artist statement.



Hawaiian Turtle Dreaming - Limited Edition 1 of 7

Kaye Forster



Size: 24 W x 30 H x 0.1 in

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