Kissing Elephants - Amorous,Wildlife - - Limited Edition of 15 Photograph by Klaus Tiedge

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Art Description

Photography: Color, Digital, Ink, Paper on Paper, Other.

Unique capture of two elephants greeting with their trunks – wonderful piece of artwork for every elephant lover or as a wonderful gift for special occasions.

Size is just image size, usually comes with a white border of ca. 8-10cm.
Original limited Edition photo print, numbered and signed by the artist, Klaus Tiedge.

Another long day in the Amboseli region came to an end, as we observed a herd of elephants feeding in the swamps.

Suddenly, I heard a trumpeting from the distance, coming closer. We checked our surroundings and we saw two elephants that I had not noticed before, coming towards each other. When they reached the circumference of our car, I heard their rumbling vocal sounds. I immediately dropped my sight for the herd in the swamps and my vision was drawn onto these two elephants. I felt something special happening.

As they came closer, they walked with faster, clearly showing their excitement and joy; the same as old friends or family members would do after separated for a while. It was magical; they flapped their ears, rubbed their bodies against each other and then even entwined their trunks!

This was the ultimate special greeting ceremony.

Such ceremony is a great sign of why elephants are such phenomenal animals and what makes them unique in their complexity of social lives. I learned that the intensity of such greeting ceremony depends on which animals come together, what relationship they have, and if they are close, how long they have been separated.

The two elephants in front of me must have been quite close in their relationship and separated for a while as their interaction was very intense. It was incredible to watch. For me it made the perfect picture under the setting sun, when they came to stand on the elevated piece of land and the left one lifted its trunk to rest on the other one.

Taking the picture from a lower angle I emphasized their position and the elephants appear as if they were standing at the edge of the horizon.



Kissing Elephants - Amorous,Wildlife - - Limited Edition of 15

Klaus Tiedge

South Africa


Size: 47.2 W x 23.6 H x 0 in

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