L’Ancee Cream Photograph by Shawan Saile

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L’Ancee Cream

Shawan Saile


Size: 600 W x 400 H x 787 D in

This artwork is not for sale.
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Art Description

Photography: Black & White, Lenticular, Pinhole, Household, Pastel on Stone, Stainless Steel, Wood, Sound, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric).


L’Ancee Cream You may wonder what it is about these structures that earn them the status of eco-friendliness. To start with, you get to create a home in the midst of nature with the natural materials of your choice, thus creating a house at one with your surroundings. Most people construct them using wood, a building material which has a positive effect on a human being's well-being.

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Being at one with nature helps you lead a stress-free life, allowing you to de-stress and to focus on the happy side of life. People attest to having better focus and sleeping better when in these structures and there is an overall enhancement in the quality of your life when residing in them.

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If you are not looking to move to such a structure for the entirety of your life, you can construct one where you can stay now and then when you are in need of a quiet life. Using trees in the construction of your cabin will enable you to reduce your carbon footprint as they are renewable resources. Many people use trees or timber in cabin construction because they are known to have a solid green pedigree which enables you to limit your carbon footprint by mitigating the effects of any harmful activities that you undertake while residing in the cabin.

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You can also have additional sources of power for backup in a case of a power outage. Most cabins make use of solar energy over the summer because the electricity generated during these months is more than enough to cater to the needs of the occupants. You can heat your water and run some appliances, all with the use of solar panels which are not only energy saving but also cheap in the long run.

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As you invest in a log cabin, you have an assurance that you are not only getting a home for the summer, but you are also protecting the environment. Next summer holidays, you can look forward to a quiet atmosphere which will help you put things in perspective as you strengthen the bond between you, your family and your friends.

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