Moray Gallery Exhibition

New Zealand

Size: 3.9 H x 5.9 W x 0.8 in

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Photography: Digital on Other.

Let the Earth Bear Witness

1-30 April 2015

Paintings by Kate Williamson


Let the sea bear witness

Let the wind bear witness

Let the earth bear witness

Let the stars bear witness

W. B. Yeats

"I strive to capture in paint the deep reverence I have for this land. I use paint in all states of elasticity/liquidity/multi-layered/dribbled to express as freely as I can, bringing forth the energy that matches how I feel. The enormity of climate change the hurt/harm and outright worry I have for this gift of paradise we are an interweaved part of. My work strives to depict the hum and dynamic interplay of colours/light/water/sky/life, the warm sands alive with cockles, ('white birds on the foam of the sea,' Yeats). I want the raw image, the organic aesthetic to enliven the canvas and the space it goes on to inhabit. I am not finished painting until my eye wants to explore every corner of the canvas and have gone on a journey within these painted realms."

Keywords: Dunedin, climate change, Kate Williamson, event, moray gallery, exhibition opening, Let the Earth Bear Witness, W.B. Yeats, art show

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