Morgan's Lookout - Limited Edition 1 of 9 Photograph

Damian Seagar


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About The Photograph

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Photograph, "Morgan's Lookout - Limited Edition 1 of 9," by Damian Seagar, available for purchase at $375 USD. Original Photograph: Black & White, Photo on Paper.

A beautiful and bleak image of a small stand of dead and fallen trees amongst boulders and grass in Central New South Wales. The fine-grain film stock captures all the different textures; wood, grass, rock, and lichen in incredible detail and with a wonderful tactile nature. Morgan's Lookout, Walla Walla, New South Wales, August 2018 Shot on Fomapan 200ASA 35mm Film. This image is printed using traditional photochemical printing. This process takes between 1-2 hours, and results in an image which is entirely unique from any other reprint. It is printed onto silver gelatin fibre-base paper, and finished with selenium toner for rich a beautiful blacks, and added archival qualities. The black border indicates a full-frame uncropped image. Size quoted is on 16”x20” paper (unframed), which equates to an actual image size of 32cmx47cm. Other available sizes: 9.5”x12” paper; 17cm x 25cm image size; $320 framed, $195 unframed 12”x16” paper; 25.5cm x 37.5 image size; $420 framed, $250 unframed 16”x20” paper; 32cm x 47cm image size; $545 framed, $330 unframed 20”x24” paper; 38.5cm x 57cm image size; $655 framed, $395 unframed 24”x30” paper; 51cm x 75cm image size; $850 framed, $510 unframed 30”x36” paper; 69cm x 102cm image size; $1100 framed, $665 unframed Plus shipping and insurance. All images are editioned #/9 per size.