Pink Narcissus transformed (Original and fully mounted).


Size: 23.6 H x 19.7 W x 2 in

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Art Description

Photography: Color, Dye Transfer, Found Objects, Lights and Fabric on Cardboard, Wood and Other.

The original for sale is the LIMITED EDITION of only 2 of this assemblage fully mounted professionally, gallery quality, as a photographic composition. (Only 1 original is for sale on Saatchi art, no prints, sorry).
This is a shadow and assemblage installation on left half of image and the right side is mirrored to form a new whole composition.

The original is fully mounted onto high quality Hanemule matte finish card, adhered with strong DiBond, and mounted flawlessly onto plywood. The back has 2 horizontal wood batons on the back ready to display immedietely.
assemblage: cotton sheets, sailor captain hat with pink dye, half cut sailor hat with 4 mirror panels, spotlight casting shadows from materials shown.

Keywords: Photography, Sailors, Uniforms, Shadow Art, Shadow And Assemblage Installa, Photos Of Installations, Nautical Themed Art, Found Objects Sculpture, Role Play, Art, Assemblage, Installations

Subjects: Popular culture

Styles: Conceptual, Figurative, Pop Art

Mediums: Color, Dye Transfer, Found Objects, Lights, Fabric

Materials: Cardboard, Wood, Other

Prints: Popular culture Art Prints, Conceptual Art Prints, Figurative Art Prints, Pop Art Art Prints, Color Art Prints, Dye Transfer Art Prints, Found Objects Art Prints, Lights Art Prints, Fabric Art Prints, Cardboard Art Prints, Wood Art Prints, Other Art Prints

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