Portrait in Colour: No. 3 - Limited Edition 1 of 6 Photograph by Peter Taylor

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Triptych view
Detail: left - close up of print encased in aluminium and acrylic glass / right - close up of frame

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Portrait in Colour: No. 3 - Limited Edition 1 of 6

Peter Taylor

United Kingdom


Size: 16.5 W x 23.4 H x 1 in

This artwork is not for sale.
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Art Description

Photography: Ink, Glass, Lights, Clay, Plastic on Aluminium, Plastic, Paper.

Each work is created through the process of photographing ink, plastic, clay, light and glass through water and coloured acetate sheets. These are then sewn together digitally to create larger images. The studio is a cacophonous riot of colour and transparent surfaces, which acts as a stage for the artist to modify both artificial and natural light.

Born from anxiety, fear and anger but also a deep fascination in the beauty of light and noise. The artist’s anxiety is spawned from the inimical and egocentric nature of the modern human. He embraces the freedom to play magician, manipulating light and noise to forge a solitary retreat; a haven from his adversaries. As part of the Hidden in Colour series, 'Portraits in Colour' is a triptych depicting the imagined colours of the imagination within an anechoic chamber.