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Photography: Digital and Manipulated on Canvas.

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Digital painting, the only work 1/1 Canvas in this size and color

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Recent review of my art from Art Magazine:

"Pop Art means folk art, art that takes everyday images that are close to anyone, the Queen of England as the US poorer.
You know what the ordinary man? He knows the can of Coke, canned soup Campbell, the great media myths like Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley, but especially advertising, comics, Tex Will or Superman.
Slasky starts right from the most famous images, such as are presented by advertising the collective imagination, and uses the rules of advertising itself: great designs and well defined as cartoons, enlarged details, and much in the foreground, contrasting colors, flat backgrounds, serigraphs where the same subject recurs in varied colors, or with slight variations.
It takes audacity and arrogance to translate into art what is now considered the most popular form and direct access to art: the advertising poster. But advertising, if indeed it is the most popular item and widespread of modern graphics, normally has a purpose: to sell a product or to get a message. The Slasky's Pop Art no, totally eliminates the meaning or function of the object, it trivializes, purifies it from every direction, it flattens in meaningless abstraction, makes it a decorative element depersonalized and amassed, which apply only the lines or the striking contrast of colors, depersonalized and amassed so, is the thing desemantizzata, in its pure and anonymous objectivity, deprived of any active impulse to the thought or emotion that a pure destructive function. Slasky manages to make it look anonymous and insignificant even an automobile accident, even the electric chair.
With Slasky's Pop Art we have a collection of objects typical of our time, taken with the coldness with which the entomologist collects its larvae, whether they are American flags of Jasper Johns or Warhol's Brillo boxes or comics Lichtenstein."

Review on Art Magazine

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Keywords: prince, Popart, cubism, Slasky, icons, music

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