Reflection at night - Limited Edition of 6 Photograph by Lisanne Hoogerwerf

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Art Description

Photography: Color, Digital, C-type on Cardboard, Paper, Other.

Photo of an archetypal landscape, built as a small-scale set in my studio from the Lost and Found Series, 2019

C-print on dibond 
 23.6 bij 35.4 inches or 90 cm x 60 cm from limited edition of 3 plus 1AP

Also available as a 11.8 bij 17.7 inches or 40 cm x 30 cm C print on dibond from limited edition of 3 plus 1AP (send me a message if you are interested in this format).

Do you ever close your eyes and pay attention to the images that naturally pop-up in front of your mind’s eye? I do. And often I see strange landscapes with bright colours and strong ambiances. I call these images mindscapes. And I enjoy making these archetypal landscapes visible for everyone to see.
In the series: Lost and Found I depicted the most remarkable mindscapes and built them by using different materials like wood, found objects, paint, soft pastel, sand and dirt.
Afterwards I carefully photographed the landscapes using smoke and lighting to enhance the ambience.


Reflection at night - Limited Edition of 6

Lisanne Hoogerwerf



Size: 35.4 W x 23.6 H x 0.8 in

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