Single Zoom No. 1 - Details Series - Limited Edition 100 of 100 Photograph by Katie Kubrak

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Art Description

Photography: Digital, Color, Black & White, Photogram, Photo on Paper, Other.

Photography: Black & White, Color, Paper, Photo and Digital on Paper and Other.

‘Details’, is a captivating black and white photo-narration of zooming in and out of the linear movement of life.

It is a composition of 28 photographs, that are a visual interpretation of ‘Leisure’, a poem by William Henry Davies. In this insightful piece of writing the author encourages to stand for a moment and stare at the world for the purpose of acknowledging the ephemeral beauty of all that surrounds us.

This series is designed to portray each stanza of the poem with two accompanying photographs.

This image explores the details of window surface, smoothness of glass materiality and rippled texture.

Depicted stainless steel mesh fabric surprises at every turn. It is unexpectedly soft and warm to touch. It also presents a fascinating intricacy of weave when investigated through magnifying lens.

Zooming our lenses we are presented with the opportunity to
experience more than what meets the eye. The sensitivity and the attention to ‘Details’, which surround us, allows for a deeper appreciation of the fine life that we lead. Yet daily rush hurries with ever overflowing schedules and concludes that “we have no time to stop and stare”...

Without thorough analysis and understanding of our surrounding we become estranged from our environment. Lack of critical observation devalues the experience of life. Numbness to ‘Details’ forges the appreciation we share with ourselves and others.

Looking deeper, we acknowledge the illusive storyline of things. Simple marketing exercise to tempt your attention, but just for a moment long enough to give you a small dose of tantalising emotion.



Single Zoom No. 1 - Details Series - Limited Edition 100 of 100

Katie Kubrak

United Kingdom


Size: 13.8 W x 13.8 H x 0.1 in

Ships in a Tube

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