Spinning Out of Control - Limited Edition 3 of 25 Photograph by Steve Hix

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Art Description

Photography: Color, Photo, Digital, Dye Transfer on Aluminium.

I was in a period of being very color hungry after completing a couple of projects where I utilized an extremely subtle white scale for my pallet. I was craving for deeply saturated primary colors that would scream off the metal utilizing dye sublimation. Fortunately I came across Judy Bejarno, director of Impact Dance Company here in Ft. Collins. She put together of group of her dancers she thought would be agreeable to having their bodies painted primary colors and dance into the formations I had designed.
After a month of searching for the perfect natural green grass to accent the red, yellow and blue body paint colors, I came across an indoor soccer field with artificial turf. It was the dead of summer and I was afraid the body paint would melt off the dancers bodies, so this was a great solution since the building was air-conditioned.
Upon overseeing three hours of body painting Judy and I lifted off into the air thirty feet over the fake green grass on a hydraulic lift. I hoped to shoot the twenty layouts I had prepared in the four hours I had left on my soccer field lease. The dancers and I had rehearsed the layouts multiple times at their studio so everything immediately started falling into place. Having Judy interpret, in dance terminology, what I wanted from them was extremely helpful. As we progressed through the shot list the dancers began creating their own interpretive moves that just added to the initial concepts.
It was very interesting to watch the transformation of the group from the shyness they exhibited when first exposing their bodies to the rest of the dancers until they were leaping across the floor and jumping over one another at the end of the shoot. The free flowing attitude of everyone involved allowed me to capture more than twice the number of images than any kaleidoscope project to date. Needless to say, I got the color fix I so craved.
The “Primary Dancers” Kaleidoscope series is one of four Kaleidoscopes I have completed since 2010. Each has its own personality and purpose, but all of them follow the same graphic guidelines and precision. The individual photos and nine-panel Kaleidoscopes shown on this site are a part of the 81 image Kaleidoscopes available at my website.
I hope the collector of this image will feel the beauty of the interconnectivity that takes place between humans when they are determined to work and play as a team.
This image ©2011 Steve Hix Photography


Spinning Out of Control - Limited Edition 3 of 25

Steve Hix

United States


Size: 24 W x 24 H x 0.5 in

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