The Apparition of the Holy Face - Limited Edition 6 Photograph by Arepo Films

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Art Description

Photography: Black & White, Gelatin on Paper.

This picture is part a new collection of prints called 'Corrosive', which depicts the ancient Tuscan city of Lucca. The walls encircling the historic centre have remained intact since their foundation, even as Lucca has expanded and modernised. Its monuments still present a series of enigmatic sculptures and inlays whose masterful craftsmanship seems to challenge the passing of the ages.The images featured in the collection have unexpectedly evolved from an experimental 16mm short film, La Città del Silenzio. The ‘silent city’ of Lucca is the chosen subject with which to explore the continuous thread of time that links what we have with what will be. This is why the chosen media is film; it will arguably survive the modern digital technologies and therefore challenge the corrosion of time itself.

The analogue feel is reinforced through the use of mordançage: this is an alternative photochemical process that alters silver gelatine to give to selected frames a degraded effect. Eventually, the most altered frames of the short film are blown-up to 35mm and hand printed in limited edition on fibre paper, to effectively create a collection of etchings. Here, figurative and abstract pictures merge to explore the contrast between preservation and decay. Everything becomes quite overturned. Each initial frame is converted into a disruptive chaotic moment; anything can happen now it seems. Quite a startling and violent series of images suddenly appear. That is how change can happen: this a potent iconography for our present times.



The Apparition of the Holy Face - Limited Edition 6

Arepo Films

United Kingdom


Size: 16 W x 12 H x 0.1 in

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