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Size: 9.1 H x 21.3 W x 0.8 in

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Art Description

Photography: Dye Transfer, Full spectrum, Gelatin and Digital on Carbon Fibre, Ceramic, Iron and Marble.

Throughout her career, Carolee Schneemann has produced moving images on film and video intended as cinema, installation, and used as elements in her Kinetic Theater productions. Fuses, Viet-Flakes, and Plumb Line are united by her varied manipulations of the filmstrip, focus on intersubjective—and interspecies—relationships, and the intersection of emerging feminist politics with protest against the Vietnam War. Across all three, Schneemann explores the incorporation of visions other than her own into the space of film.

Keywords: Uj, Saoiyauabvh, Asasghrweyh, Awyrqewuyfkjgfjcxfy, Srtusdusdfu, Urtu, Jrse

Subjects: Animal

Styles: Cubism, Dada, Documentary, Expressionism, Conceptual

Mediums: Dye Transfer, Full spectrum, Gelatin, Digital

Materials: Carbon Fibre, Ceramic, Iron, Marble

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