"Alchemical Labyrinth" - Limited Edition 1 of 5 Art Print

Horacio Gerpe


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About The Art Print

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Art Print, ""Alchemical Labyrinth" - Limited Edition 1 of 5," by Horacio Gerpe, available for purchase at $355 USD. Original Art Print: Engraving, Etching, Lithograph, Woodcut, Silverpoint on Bronze, Paper, Wood, Stone.

Series of engraving: "Capture of thoughts suspended" prints by Horacio Gerpe The collection of engravings was carried out using the symbolism of certain artifacts from various cultures, created from researches on the writings and languages of the ancestors who inhabited various territories in the Middle East, India, China, Europe and America The marks of the symbologies used have been engraved in a series of wooden artifacts, metals and stones, various messages with the alphabet used in the origin of humanity, known as the language of the "Binary Code", through the point and the line used by the "Gods of the Universe "in order to communicate with future generations of humans. So the idea of observing suspended objects, similar to how thoughts float in our minds, causing different dimensions without time and space in our conscious and unconscious, causing the curiosity of knowledge and the search of our origins