Louder than words - Limited Edition 2 of 6


Size: 9.6 H x 7.7 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Printmaking: Lithograph on Paper.

I like to base my work on those small spaces of time that merge between the banal and the daily journey to turn them into fascinating events; in those events, there is no exoticism but a very palpable emotion and excitement.

I like the interaction I make on my daily route with my neighbors, who amaze me by the sole fact there’s an essence in every detail of companionship that act and materialize in scenes of fictional worlds.

My work is a tribute to the passage of time that day after day covers with new experiences to the previous one. With errors and successes; the new layers reveal traces of colors and shapes; hiding the obvious and showing the secrets of alternate decisions.

An ecosystem with organic forms and mystery signs most of the time unidentifiable.

My process requires the omnipresent ingredient of music at every moment. Audiophile jury; my film painting vibrates in the manner of musical writing as sonorous landscapes inspired by my growing collection of music in vinyl format thus emulating the cycles of life itself.

René Serrano

“A language in the instruments that will not distinguish between the content, the meaning, the words, and sounds” Wim Mertens.

Keywords: Paper, Black, Write, Caligraphy, Litography

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract

Mediums: Lithograph

Materials: Paper

Prints: Abstract Art Prints, Abstract Art Prints, Lithograph Art Prints, Paper Art Prints